Emerald Valley Magazine expanding into Springfield

S. J. Olson Publishing, also known as Scott Olson, publisher of The Creswell Chronicle, is expanding Emerald Valley Magazine (EVM) into Springfield! That’s right folks, there will be two area EVM editions in the valley in 2018.
This spring, The Chronicle and EVM staff will be busy creating and putting together our third edition of the EVM Southern Lane County as well as our first EVM Springfield.
Both lifestyle magazines will focus on their locations. A spring and winter issue of each will be published in 2018.
The winter issue of EVM Southern Lane County was extremely well received and readers and advertisers give some great reviews and feedback. Olson knew he could do the same thing in Springfield and has a soft spot for Springfield; he founded and owned The Springfield Times, which he sold in 2016. The new owners closed the paper six months later and since that time, Springfield has not really had a platform for its own voice.
The new EVM Springfield will change all of that and focus on telling Springfield’s story in a positive and village-minded way. ”Local supporting local” is a concept that needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and EVM push that concept on each and every page.
The EVM publication family has its own mission for existing and quite a different business model than many other publishing companies have.
Our magazines are heartfelt, visually stunning, and focused on telling our advertisers’ stories to help grow their businesses and increase community awareness from the pages of our local storybooks.
The magazines are free and are paid for by our advertising partners.
The EVM family of publications offer some of the most reasonable pricing for full-color, glossy magazine advertising. Olson is conscientious with the pricing and keeps it affordable for small business owners to take part. The reason we are publishing the magazines is to be a tool that local business owners can use and take advantage of.
The placement and saturation will be strong, and there will also be a large online presence.
For more information about taking part of our magazines please contact Chronicle Sales Manager Cheryl Richard at 541-600-0030 or email her at [email protected].